of each
A charitable organization with no geographical boundaries.
Combining the resources of businesses, patrons and all concerned people to achieve the goals of the organization.
Helping and supporting people and animals, preserving the planet.
We are just a speck in a vast world of more than 8 billion people.
We are surrounded by hundreds of millions of square kilometers, thousands of cities, hundreds of countries, factories, roads, cars, stores, and buildings. We are the whole world that has been created over hundreds of years.

We can talk for a long time about what could have been changed before and calculate how many mistakes were made by our ancestors and ourselves, but there is no use and no result.
The truth is only to recognize one simple thing each of us is in a very unstable state, nature has become more fragile than ever, and animals have become victims of human habitation on earth.

Do we want to live in such a world? No.
Are we doing anything to fix it? Is not enough.

But we don't have many options, just one, to be exact.
Fight it. Fight to be able to call yourself a decent human being and not have false illusions. To fight for peace, to fight for ourselves and our loved one, to fight for love and care, for the rights of each of us, to fight for freedom.
We have segmented our activities into three main areas: helping and supporting people, helping animals, and providing comprehensive support to organizations and activists to conserve nature and help the planet
Our work
Fighting cancer and helping cancer patients / Health care and innovation / Mental Health / Human Rights / Support for orphans and their adaptation and socialization / Fighting Discrimination
Conservation of water bodies and their cleaning / Forest preservation and regeneration / Garbage problem, garbage recycling / Global Warming and Arctic Conservation / Green Energy / Environmental Pollution
Helping and supporting animal shelters and volunteer organizations / Support for the construction of animal shelter centers / Support for initiatives against the exploitation of animals (circuses, dolphinaria, contact zoos) / Preserving rare species of animals / Creating a joint register of homeless animals / Protecting the rights of animals
This is an annual charity event organized by the Kirshtein Family Foundation. The Blue Dove is the symbol of the event, representing hope and freedom. The event includes a benefit auction, exhibition, benefit ball, making important decisions and signing charitable agreements with our sponsors and global partners.
Mobile app
The mobile app is a meta-inspired app that brings together, or rather connects the parties in need and the helpers. We will talk about the app in more detail at a separate presentation event. Please stay tuned
Blue Letter
Every day we are working to increase the number of supporters of our organization. But we need to attract people and companies not for quantity, but for quality and to improve the functioning of the foundation. This is a separate, complicated project. Therefore, we have invented our own unique way of relevant selection, so that the "Blue Letter" receives the right people and happily joins the activities of our foundation in one role or another.
Charitable event
The activities that each of us loves so much. But the purpose of this event is much stronger than just leisure. By coming together in an informal meeting we solve problems, raise important issues and find solutions.
Information about this special project will appear here very soon.
Please keep the site updated
Information about this special project will appear here very soon.
Please keep the site updated
Information about this special project will appear here very soon.
Please keep the site updated
Information about this special project will appear here very soon.
Please keep the site updated
Blue Pigeon
Experimental Projects
One of the founders of the Kirshten Family Foundation. Responsible for animal outreach and projects, as well as the development of partnership programs for working with homeless animals
Helen Kirshtein
One will help another, another will come to the aid of a third, a third will appreciate the kindness and support given to him and himself will help and support those around him. This is a healthy world to which we must aspire, and each of us must do everything we can to help, to treat nature with care and with respect for every living thing.

This is the single most difficult mission each of us is given at birth.